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Welcome to the Dublin City Council ambient air quality and noise website

This site provides continuous real time data from a number of sources. This includes the network of air quality monitoring stations that are part of the national air quality monitoring network managed in cooperation between the Environmental Protection Agency and Dublin City Council, as well as other stations set up by Dublin City Council to monitor local air quality conditions.

This website is a work in progress and we welcome your input on how we can improve it. Please send any queries or comments to

To learn more about the national ambient air quality monitoring network check out:

There are a number of important considerations to take into account in interpreting the data on this site. Firstly, this data has not yet been fully validated as it is received automatically from the air quality monitoring stations. There can be marked fluctuations in the data during routine calibration or maintenance or occasionally instrument performance issues occur. If such variations occur, we will examine and endeavour to explain them.

Secondly, for operational reasons, from time to time there may be a delay in synchronising the downloading of readings between the monitoring stations, the EPA website and this website. This may at times lead to slight variances in the data displayed on this site compared to the EPA website.

Thirdly, certain climatic conditions, such as foggy weather can affect the performance of some air quality analysers. This is particularly the case with the particulate analysers used in the local monitoring network. During weather episodes such as these, the data may erroneously suggest a marked increase in particulate pollution levels and therefore we will ensure we explain the reasons if this happens.

A National Air Quality for Health Index has been produced by the EPA and Health Service Executive to assist the public in understanding the impacts of air quality on health. It also provides messages on how individuals can take specific measures to protect their health depending on current air quality in their locality. This index is driven by data generated through the EPA website.

It has been replicated on this website using all the data available for indicative purposes only. Under certain conditions there may be differences in the air quality index rating displayed on this website compared to the EPA website.

In such cases the index rating on the EPA website should be considered as the more authorative source for health information.

This site also provides direct access to Dublin City Council's network of environmental sound level monitors. These monitors are placed in locations that are of value to the community or give a good indication of ambient sound levels within the general area. These sites were chosen to ensure that various sound sources were captured and represented. Sound levels are measured 24 hours a day to build up a profile of the environmental quality at each site. This information is used to generate plans for reducing noise exposure and for making better environmental policy decisions.

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Saturday 13 July 2024